Michał Kalbarczyk

Netvibes Modules Are Unavaiable

18 June 2007

Netvibes Modules Are Unavaiable

Sorry, all my netvibes modules are temporarily unavailable because traffic limits per month:

Total Available Traffic: 4096 MB (4294967296 Bytes)

Total Used Traffic: 4125 MB (4325182876 Bytes)

They will return next month, or maybe earlier if I find new hosting. Be patient, Sorry.

Right now all modules are moved here: http://fazibear.ifastnet.com/netvibes/*.xhtml example: http://fazibear.ifastnet.com/netvibes/customize.xhtml

All modules are moved here: http://netvibes.atspace.com example: http://netvibes.atspace.com/customize.html

This hosting should be better, they offer:

  • Free UNLIMITED Traffic
  • 99.8% Uptime Guarantee
  • Ultra Fast Network

we will see …