Michał Kalbarczyk

Ember-cli with Coffee and Emblem

9 April 2015

In mean time, I want to try ember.js app. Just an ember.js app without any backend. I really don’t like plain javascript. CoffeeScript it my choice, and of course emblem, slim like beautiful template engine. Get it on.

First of all let’s install ember-cli:

$ npm install -g ember-cli

Now we gonna generate ember app:

$ ember new HelloEmber

Change directory to our app:

$ cd HelloEmber

Lets install coffeescript support. We need to install ember-cli-coffees6 package. Due to some ES6 compatibilities.

$ ember install ember-cli-coffees6

And the emblem package:

$ ember install ember-cli-emblem-hbs-printer

And thats it. Now we’re rewrite javascript files into coffee.

Replace app/app.js with app/app.coffee:

import Ember from 'ember'
import Resolver from 'ember/resolver'
import loadInitializers from 'ember/load-initializers'
import config from './config/environment'


App = Ember.Application.extend
  modulePrefix: config.modulePrefix,
  podModulePrefix: config.podModulePrefix,
  Resolver: Resolver

loadInitializers(App, config.modulePrefix)

export default App

And app/router.js with app/router.coffee:

import Ember from 'ember'
import config from './config/environment'

Router = Ember.Router.extend
  location: config.locationType

export default Router.map ->

It’s time form emblem templates.

Replace app/templates/application.hbs with app/templates/application.emblem:

h2#title HelloEmber

== outlet

Now start application:

$ ember serve

Look at http://localhost:4200/ and thats it. It works! Quick and easy.