Michał Kalbarczyk

Ivo Reader Script

17 September 2007

This is a ruby rewrite of ivonka.sh script. This simple script read data from standard input or command line parameters using say.expressivo.com text to speech reader.


  • english language (default)
  • male and female polish voice
  • romanian language
  • files are player directly from internet
  • mplayer as default player

Script can be downloaded from here.

Simple usage:

$ ivo.rb "This is simple text"
$ echo "simple text" | ivo.rb
$ cat somefile.txt | ivo.rb


  • DEFAULT_LANGUAGE - default language
  • PLAYER - filename of mp3 player.
  • SLEEP - time between http requests in seconds (something about 0.5s)
  • SLEEP_ON_FAIL - time after failed http request (it should be something about 1s)
  • MAX_TEXT_LENGTH - length that can be converted at one request (for now in 200)

To change reader language, pass a language symbol as parameter while creating ivo object.

ivo = Ivo.new :PL #for polish
ivo = Ivo.new :PLM #for polish male voice
ivo = Ivo.new :PLF #for polish female voice
ivo = Ivo.new :RO #for romanian